Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm so excited about my 3rd sewing project! Never mind that my seams are a little out of control, my letters crooked and my bags different sizes... I love these bean bags! I found this tutorial over at Lil Blue Boo and had to try it!
She gives an awesome tutorial, so I'll just tell you the changes I made to mine and let her tutorial be your guide. You need to check out her blog - it is fabulous!

Here they are! They have uppercase letters on one side and lowercase on the other side. I couldn't find freezer paper so I just free handed my letters and used puff fabric paint and thinned it out with a paint brush. This is the biggest change to Ashley's tutorial. If you can find freezer paper, then your letters will turn out a lot more equal in size than mine did.

Here are the lower case letters

And the upper case letters

The other big change I made was that I did a zig zag stitch for the top stitch instead of a straight stitch. In hindsight, that was not the greatest idea. It is cute, but since you have to leave an opening to stick the beans in it is really hard to go back and match up your zig zags correctly. I ended up having to straight stitch over the zags (or the zigs) to close them securely ... and this ended up looking kind of messy instead of cute. But since I made these for my friend's daughter who is turning 2 - she probably won't notice.

Here is a close up my favorite letter

Yay for sewing! What should I make next?


  1. Super impressed! I haven't tackled beanbags yet. These are fab -- and I dig the colors. Check out the sewing section of craftgossip.com -- they pull together dozens of tutorials from around the craftosphere every day. I've bookmarked waaaaaay too many projects for me to ever do! And, don't be afraid to try a funky quilt! (As you know, I'm pro funky quilts.)

  2. thanks mab! Can't wait to go there!