Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen!

We had an eventful Resurrection weekend! I wasn't sure we were going to make it through it at first! I started coming down with a cold on Thursday. Thursday night Papa Bill & JoJo came down to stay with us for the weekend. Sometime in the middle of the night Thursday Jeff started throwing up and had a fever. The next day he was pretty much toast. Friday night I started feeling bad and thought I had what Jeff had and his fever went way up again. By Saturday we were mostly better except my cold had become a sinus infection. Fortunately we didn't seem to infect our guests and we still managed to have some enjoyable quality time together!

Here we are dying eggs

H liked to throw the egg into the dye

H kind of lost interest in the egg hunt after about 6 eggs, but he did a good job finding them!

There's chocolate in this one!

Easter Stickers!

Ready for Church

Thanks for coming to visit Papa Bill & JoJo! We had so much fun with you!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


H is very attached to his lovely. It started somewhere around 3 months. My mom gave him a little lamb that was perfect for babies because it didn't have eyes or a nose that could come loose because they were stitched in. That's how H got "lamby".
Lamby goes to bed with him every night and comes out of the crib with him every morning. He goes to daycare about 3 days a week and sometimes eats lunch and dinner with him. This weekend his affection went to a whole new level when he insisted on BATHING with lamby! We might own 3 lambys, just in case.

This was the first picture I could find of him with lamby. That's him over on the left.

For his first Halloween we even picked a lamb costume because of how much he loved his lamby.

Here is H snuggling with his lamby & Aunt Elyse on his birthday.

One day he found 2 lambys. It didn't seem to phase him, he will take any lamby.

H and lamby going down the slide together

H and lamby eating dinner together.

And bath time...

We love you lamby.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend projects

I've had a fun weekend of sewing, hot gluing, ironing, craft shopping, Easter basket shopping and LOADS of playing with H. Next week at his school is a special week where they focus on young children and do all sorts of fun activities and have a different dress up day each day. Tomorrow is crazy sock/hat day. Since H won't keep a hat on his head I decided to make him some crazy socks.

Aren't they fun? My model is Mr. Quackers. Technically, he is for Easter. But, H saw him at the grocery store and LOVED him. Especially because when you push his beak he quacks. H carries him around yelling "Quack Quack Quack!" It is pretty adorable.

He had outfits for most of the other days, except Hawaiian shirt day (never a good idea), but he will be having surgery that day. He didn't have anything for Rock and Roll day, so I found some cute iron on stuff and made him a shirt.

Thanks again Mr. Quackers!

I also made a pillow for H's rocking chair. We recently got a great antique rocking chair for his room from Jeff's grandfather and while it is very roomy, it can get kind of hard when you are holding an extra 25 pounds on your lap. I love this fabric!

He likes it!

I finished a baby blanket I've been working on and started making some other gifts, but I'll wait to post those pictures until they have been gifted. =)

What did you make this weekend?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The verdict is in

H needs tubes in his ears. He has had over a dozen ear infections since November and I'm glad that after our second visit to a specialist he decided that tubes were the way to go. If you are interested you can see a sideshow of the procedure here or read about it here. We go to meet the doctor who will do the surgery tomorrow and then Tuesday morning is the actual procedure. Honestly, I think the worst part will be not being able to give him anything to eat or drink for 12 + hours!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

best nap ever!

H woke up from the best nap ever this morning. Because while he was sleeping, his Daddy and Grandpa were working hard to put together his first outdoor climbing toy! He had so much fun playing on it when he woke up.

It was a toss up who was more excited, father or son? I took a video of H playing and saying his animal sounds too!

Toddler art work display

H has been making some artwork at daycare and enjoying coloring at home. I wanted a place to display his artwork and since he likes to rip everything off the fridge, that is not an option. I saw a frame that a friend had made using picture hanging wire a while ago and thought I could run with that. I found a frame at Salvation Army, got a little can of spray paint and everything else I had on hand. Here's how to make your own art work display:

Here are the supplies you will need

frame, small can of spray paint, sand paper, picture hanging wire, clothes pins, (not pictured - acrylic paints used later).

First thing is to sand the frame and wipe down. I didn't do a good job of documenting the boring parts. Next, apply the first coat of spray paint. This was my first foray into the spray painting world and it was pretty easy!

Don't mind the starfish... just another windy day in South Texas.

While your frame is drying, get out some paint you have on hand, I used acrylic and paint some clothes pins. Since H's room is primary colors, I wanted to make some bright, fun ones.

After the frame was dry I used my picture hanging wire and strung it across the back and wrapped it around the staples that were still in the frame from where I removed the ugly artwork that had previously been in it.

clip on your painted clothespins and WAH-LA!

When I hung it up in H's room he was so excited to see his artwork hung up. He wanted me to hang EVERYthing on there! =)

Super easy, cheap, and it looks super cute in his room! Success!