Tuesday, July 2, 2013


It has been wonderful to have a break from school and work!  I almost forgot what it was like to have so much time.  In fact, just last week I decided it was good idea to fill my remaining weeks of vacation with training and caring for two rescue puppies!

What was I thinking?!  They are very cute.... and very energetic!  Bless my in laws hearts for keeping them for us this week when we go visit my family in New Orleans.  Hopefully, they won't develop the eye twitch that I have since we adopted them last week!  Here's a quick update of life since May in pictures (those are my favorite updates to read after all)

I had a lot of fun celebrating my graduation in May.  My sister came down and surprised me and my family and friends had a surprise party for me, it was a lot of fun! 

We went to visit my sister and her family in Pennsylvania during my vacation, it was really fun!  H had a blast!

 H's favorite part was going to the Crayola factory and riding on Thomas the train!  It was pretty awesome and we all had a great time and enjoyed spending time with family!

Pictures of the puppies to come... if they will sit still long enough!  I'm also super excited to report that I got a new job which will start August 1st.  I will be a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Intern with the school district.  I'm excited to start this new chapter and get another step closer to becoming a licensed psychologist!  It has been a busy summer already, but we are having lots of fun!