Wednesday, August 31, 2011

These Days

I started grad school this week, so the new normal now looks something like this:

Playing with my bebe in the morning while we do the 'get ready shuffle', some mornings are more successful than others. This morning H went to school wearing eye shadow on one eye....

Work. This is the kids second week back at school and I feel like they've been back for months already! It is going to be a busy, busy year - but I really enjoy my job.

Then on Mondays I leave work a little early to get to class and I'm in class until 9:30. It feels soooo long. Tuesday I'm in class until 7 so I at least get to put H to bed. When I dropped him off at daycare on Monday I totally got in my car and cried because I knew I wouldn't see him until the next day. It is going to be a difficult 2 years going to school, but I am excited about the classes I am taking and getting my Masters in Clinical Psychology.

The rest of the week I get to pick H up from school and play with him until bedtime and then study, study! So, I will try to keep up with posting, but I'm warning you now that they will likely get fewer and farther between. We are moving into our new house this weekend! Pictures to come...eventually!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Yikes! I've been meaning to post this for 2 weeks now! How long does it take to recover from vacation? Approximately as long as the vacation it seems. I'm not sure how old your kids have to be before traveling/vacation is relaxing again... Three? Five? Please not older than five!

We went to Pennsylvania at the end of July to visit my sister and brother in law and celebrate Stephen's 30th birthday. Here are the highlights!

We went to the Philadelphia zoo! It was H's first trip to the zoo and it was so fun! H really loved the giraffes and even went to a petting zoo to pet the lambs and goats.

H loved riding on the choo-choo with Uncle Stephen

H's favorite part of the outlet mall - by far!

Stephen's 30th birthday party at the Philies game! It was fabulous!

Still young at heart, even if he is 30!

Sarah came up for the festivities! Best friends since 7th grade

The uh-mazing cake... I mean seriously, it was incredible!

We had such a great time! Happy Birthday Stephen!