Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And we're back

After two trips to Austin and one to Waco we are back to Corpus just in time for Jeff to have 2 more job interviews! So, the job update is that we are most likely going to be staying in Corpus. Jeff has a pretty promising lead on a job and had a good interview yesterday so we'll see. I LOVE the job I interviewed for in Austin, it is basically my dream job - but, I think if Jeff gets this job in Corpus that saying here will be the best move for our family - in which case I will probably not go back to work right now.

Here are some pics of late:

H had so much fun with his favorite Sissy. As soon as he saw her he reached out of my arms for her! Thanks for playing with H Sissy, H loves you and I love this picture of you.

It was so fun to see Megan and meet baby Clara. I think H must be very empathetic because he cries anytime other babies are crying. I know it has only been 7 months, but I could hardly remember what it was like to have a baby that little sleeping on you.

H got behind the wheel with me on our road trip and LOVED it!

Here was our Father's Day celebration. The DAD banner was my first sewing project!

Here is a close up of the bunting. It is made out of 3 deconstructed ties from Goodwill. I found this project over at my new favorite blog - Dollar Store Crafts.

That's what we've been up to lately!

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  1. So excited for you guys and definitely will be praying with you about this job! Thanks for the update!