Saturday, July 28, 2012

What we've been up to

I can't believe my vacation is ending already and I'm heading back to work next week. Boo hoo! We've had such a great time and have had a lot of fun things we've been able to do in spite of my being in summer school all summer. Thanks to pinterest and some other good mom blogs out there I found lots of activities for us to do and it has been really fun! Here's what we've been up to lately We hid the puzzle pieces of H's number puzzle in a tub of rice and beans and practiced putting our numbers in sequence. Once you have done it with them a few times, this is a great keep your kid busy while you need to make dinner activity. I also used the same rice and beans and gave H a bunch of cooking utensils to play with so he could make dinner while I was cooking dinner. I also found these Crayola window crayons at Target and decided to give them a try. They were a big hit and clean up really easily. I highly recommend them! We had a few rainy days so we built a fort under some bar stools and I gave H a flashlight and put all his cars under there with us. When the thunder started we moved this game to our bed and we played under the covers with the flashlight and cars for another 45 minutes! On July 4th we went to the picnic at our Church and H actually stayed up for the fireworks and when we got home we lit some of our wedding sparklers in the backyard. It was a fun day! Once it got really hot we started freezing ice cubes with food coloring everyday to play with outside. H and I went to the teacher supply store one day to look for some things for us to start doing some science projects with. We found some magnets and little magnetic circles. He loves playing with them in water. We found this activity on Pinterest. You dump some baking soda on a piece of paper and put food coloring in little cups of vinegar and use droppers to put it onto the paper and it bubbles up. H and Daddy thought it was pretty cool. We also did some painting with H's cars to see the different kinds of tracks they made. This quickly digressed into this... I'll leave you with this jewel... I've been teaching H to make faces. Being a mom is awesome. We've had some other adventures this summer but the pics are all on my phone. I'll post more after my next picture dump. Grateful for lots of fun with friends and family! It has been an awesome summer!

Monday, July 9, 2012


It has been kind of a whirlwind lately - summer school is no bueno! We are really happy that Elyse & Stephen and baby B are here to visit for almost a whole month! H and B are off to a pretty good start already. B thinks H is pretty hilarious and H loves an audience, so it is quite a symbiotic thing they have going on right now. Enjoy the video below of H and B laughing together. More posts to come soon now that I am on vacation for 3 weeks! Woo hoo!