Wednesday, January 6, 2010


we made it through today.  Unfortunately,  Jeff left us the crud before he left - as if we could forget you Daddy.  So, last night and this morning Haydn and I cried together a few times.  It is hard to see him so sick and not be able to help him.  Things were looking up tonight so I'm hopeful that tonight will go a lot better and we will both be feeling better tomorrow.  Here are today's pics for you Dad

This is how we spent the better part of today.  When he calmed down enough to sleep he was OUT.  I even got midnight baby to sleep before 10 pm tonight!  We'll see how long it lasts...

There was no smiling today, he wore this concerned expression in place of the sad or mad face a few times today.  Maybe we'll be smiley again tomorrow.

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  1. I am glad yall are feeling better. Haydn you look so cute in your outfit. Be good for mommy tonight! I love you both.