Friday, January 8, 2010


well... diagnosis confirmed, baby has RSV.  I just have a cold, but I can't take any medicine for it since I'm breastfeeding.  It has been a rough couple days at our house.  The doctor said to monitor him closely this weekend and if his breathing or fever get worse to take him to see a doctor or if overnight to the ER.  I think the worst part of it for me is just seeing him so sick and miserable and really not being able to do anything.  I'm not sure at what point you stop crying with your baby (or if other mom's even do this) when they are really hurting.  H and I have had crying sessions together everyday since Tuesday, man are we ready for Daddy to come home.  These are some pics from yesterday, H had much more 'happy' time yesterday then he has had today.  However, some things I've noticed that are already different in him since Jeff left are that he is 'talking' much more.  When he is awake and feeling well enough to be happy he is just blabbering away with his 'ooohhhs' and 'ahhhhs' and 'ah-gooos'.  It is pretty adorable.  He is also really mastering the self-soothing, which is great.  I woke up this morning to find a wide-eyed baby just watching me while he sucked on his hand.  He hasn't settled on a right or left preference yet. 

I'll have to post the pics later, blogger doesn't want to upload them right now.  Jeff starts the journey home tomorrow so be praying for his travels to Turkey and then back home.

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