Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Daddy

H and I took some pictures yesterday for Daddy while he is in Iraq.  We are sure missing him and are sad that we couldn't go with him to say good bye to our friends there.  I talked to him today and he made it there safely and is busily packing and selling our things. 

I picked this outfit out on purpose... mostly because Jeff wasn't there to remind me that even when H is having a rough day (which he was) that he loves me and I love him.

Our little boy is getting so big!  At the doctor today he weighed 12.4 lbs and was just short of 24 inches long.  He also has a huge head, it is apparently larger than 95% of boys his age.  His Aunt Elyse says it is because it is housing his huge brain...

This one is kind of hard to see because I just took it and didn't want to wake H up.  He loves his new swing that his Agi bought him and in turn mom loves it too!

H got 2 shots today and it was terrible.  I knew it would be because it was bad the first time, but the last one apparently burns pretty bad and he was SO upset, I had to cry with him a little bit.  He is doing okay now, but the nurse said tomorrow will probably be the toughest day.

We love and miss you Daddy!


  1. This is great! A swing and a little boy that tells you that he loves you via his shirt. Is there an I love Daddy shirt? Thanks for sharing the pics, I love them. Also, be sure to thank Agi for the swing! Love you both! Daddy

  2. He was wearing his I love Daddy bib last night but then he spit up all over it...don't take it personally

  3. awwww...i love it!!! i'm still waiting for him to spit up all over his i love aunt elyse onesie. he probably doesn't even fit in it anymore! =(