Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break!

What a great week! These little breaks were a big reason that I changed jobs last December. We started out the week going to Oklahoma for my cousin's wedding. It was so fun to see my family and such a beautiful wedding. Here's H in his 3 piece suit =)

So fun to see Aunt Elyse and Uncle Stephen!

We were a little worried about H on the plane since he does NOT sit still well these days, but he did SO great! He didn't really play with the tray cover I made him, but I still thought it was cool. He ate his first happy meal at the airport and loved playing in this cool play area at DFW.

When we got home we spent a relaxing week catching up on some projects, doing a little work, and playing with new toys! H's favorite new things are blowing bubbles and waving at big trucks.

H had a lot of fun playing with the balloons I used to make a birthday wreath for Jeff's birthday next week.

We've been enjoying the sun and blew up H's new pool today! It was so fun!

We also got to go to Jeff's family reunion this weekend and see most of his family members. It was fun to see H with the older kids. He sure loves to play with everyone! Here is a pic of H and his dad, grandpa and great grandpa from when he was 4 months old

And 1 year later...

wow! He's getting so big!

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  1. H - I love your Curious George shirt! And your pool looks like a lot of fun!