Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Review

We've had a super fun and relaxing(ish) weekend! I chaperoned my first high school event and it was actually kind of AWESOME! I took a small group of girls to the It's A Girl Thing Conference Friday night and all day Saturday.

I invited some of the girls on my caseload, so it was really good to spend some time with them outside of school talking about things that are important to them and giving them God's perspective on things like sex and self esteem. One of my girls told me after the event was over, "This was the most fun I have ever had!". I feel really blessed to get to love and encourage these girls in their academics and in their lives.
The worship leader was Jami Smith and her new album is straight from scripture. It so blessed my heart to worship with her this weekend! You need this CD!

I've also been working on some crafting projects that I wrapped up this weekend. We are going to my cousin's wedding in Oklahoma in a couple weeks and so I wanted to make H something to try and keep him seated and happy for an hour or so. I saw this awesome tutorial over at Serving Pink Lemonade and was like "PEEEERFECT!" That is why I so love my fellow bloggers. You all are so talented and have such great ideas that I don't need to have any original ones, I just copy yours!

Here's my take on the airplane tray cover!

Complete with peek-a-boo door, zipper, ball to throw, crinkle heart, car and road! I'm hiding it from him until our trip, so let's hope this keeps him in his seat and not screaming!

I've also been wanting to make a wreath for Spring. I've combined a couple of other people's great ideas to make my own. I LOVE the yarn wreath look like this one from my friend Melissa and I also came across this felt flower tutorial that I LOVED. So I combined the two to make my own spring wreath.

The flowers turned out really pretty! Jeff says I can't wear them in my hair though...they are a little large.

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  1. You're airplane tray cover turned out great! I hope it keeps your little one entertained. Thanks for linking to us.