Sunday, February 27, 2011


I recently took H to his 15 month appointment and he is one big boy! Particularly in terms of height, he is almost 3 feet tall and in the 91st percentile for height! His head width is in the 86th percentile and in weight he is in the 63rd percentile! What a big boy. Recently, I find myself staring at him in disbelief that he is so big already! Here are some pics of him I've taken this week.

Cuddling with Daddy

He's been sticking out his tongue a lot lately.

H's first taco night. Venison tacos no less! He loved them.

I love this kid...

What a climber! He can already reach the table and counter tops!

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  1. I pull these up everyday, look at them, and smile! I sure love him!