Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belated V-Day!

I took pictures to post on Valentine's Day... I even took them the day before... but here I am just now posting them.

H had his first Valentine's Day party at school! It was fun to make little pink cupcakes for his class!

My sweet husband got my car detailed for V-day (it is what I wanted) so no more cheerios and trash - for at least a week or so? And to top it off he let me buy a way too expensive purse! The Kate Spade sample sale is going on this week and they are having huge sales!! I haven't bought a purse since before we moved to Iraq so I really wanted to get a new one. This was obviously more than my monthly 'allowance' (I use quotes because I tend to spend more than 'allowed'), but hubs agreed to let me pay it off in installments and won't even charge me interest. Right, hubs? He was a little vague on that point... =)

Isn't it beautiful? Happy Valentine's Day to me. I got hubs some socks... he really wanted them? I know... he wins, or do I? I like to think of it as a win win.

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