Thursday, April 22, 2010

Travel update

We've been having a great time visiting friends and family over the last week. We have been to Waco, Dallas, Houston and now we are in New Orleans. H has been such a great traveler! (minus the MAJOR diaper explosion moments before take off).
Here are some pictures of our adventures so far:

Here is H meeting his Great Grandfather. He had a great time playing with Big and his Great Uncle George. Big even played 'You are my sunshine' on his harmonica for him - he loved it!

H was so happy to get to see and play with his Aunt Amy again!

H has had a great time in New Orleans with Papa Bill and JoJo. Here they are in the French Quarter.

H has had so much fun playing outside at Papa Bill & JoJo's new house! He even stuck his feet in the pool today. Maybe we will swim if it warms up a little more.

H's new friend Molly. She is such a sweet dog and always wants to lay with or in this case on top of H. Fortunately he thinks it is really funny and just laughs when Molly walks across him or lays on him.

H got to meet his cousin Cooper the other night! It was fun to see the babies together and will be even more fun when they are bigger and all the boy cousins (4 of them, 3 within 6 weeks of each other)get to play together!

We have had a great time so far! We are looking forward to the weekend here and then back home again on Monday. Jeff has another phone interview tomorrow so if you read this, pray for him around 10 am tomorrow. Thanks!


  1. Hey there, I am looking at the blog with Showkhan. She says, "Choni, Bashi?" We both think Hayden is sooo cute! Micah renamed him Hayden Micah. I hope that is ok! The videos and pics are great.

  2. Priceless pictures! H has such cute expressions and I love the hats! Thanks for sharing.

  3. haha...I think Haydn Micah is a great name! Can't wait to for the kiddos to meet each other soon. By then Haydn will want to name himself Micah I'm sure!

  4. Hey, friends! I know you're super busy with family, but if you have some free time, we'd love to meet Haydn. Shoot me an e-mail or give me a call. Hope the phone interview went well!


  5. Cute pics- looks like you had fun! Miss you.