Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 1

The first of 4 DIY projects is complete and I love it! I made a decorative mirror for our living room. Here's how you can do it to. You will need:

24 X 24 thin piece of plywood

3 sheets of 12 X 12 glass tiles

12 X 12 mirror

mirror glue

clear drying silicone adhesive caulk

paint color of your choice ( I used a light khaki)

Step 1: paint the plywood with 2 coats, make sure to paint the edges also as they will be seen.

You don't need a gallon of paint obviously, but we found this in the ooops paint section at home depot and it was only $5.

Step 2: cut the tiles to the desired size. I forgot to take a picture of the tiles. But they come in sheets and you can cut them in half into 6 inch pieces if you are only going to use 1 color. I chose to use 2 colors and so I cut mine into 3 inch squares and alternated the colors.

Step 3: using the caulk glue the tiles to the board. I put glue on the back of each small square so that not much leaked out onto the board.

Step 4: glue mirror to the center of the board with mirror glue

allow everything at least 12 hours to dry. Then use some sturdy picture hangers to attach to the back and you are ready to hang your mirror! Here's the finished product.

Coming up next... taking a TV stand from drab to fab!


  1. It is really an awesome mirror. Great job on your first project!


  2. Love it! So fun! The colors are great.

    Any news on moving?

  3. that looks amazing!! you can totally come decorate my house anytime you want...
    -aunt e