Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Books Jeff read in 2009

Hello All!

Since I have yet to post on our new blog I figured that it was time for me to post seeing as how Erin went to the trouble of creating a new blog. I wrote this back when Erin was posting about all the books she had read, so here are the books I read in 2009.

Culture Shock- A good book for getting ready to move overseas.

Total Money Makeover- While I agree with being debt free I disagree with a couple of parts of this book.

Same Kind of different as Me- I think this was my favorite I read. I don’t recommend books very often but I did recommend this to a friend and he too loved it.

Pillars and Prophets- This was a great book but I left it on the plane at least once. It was a good thing we had something like seven extra copies that we were wanting to give away.

The Richest Man in Babylon- This is another money book that tells a story. The basic idea is spend less than you make, 1/10 of what you make goes to giving and 1/10 goes to savings. Also, don’t invest in something you don’t know anything about unless you consult a third party who knows something about what you are investing in.

The power of a Praying Husband- If you are married or engaged read the book.

Playing for Pizza- My first John Grisham book. It was recommended by a friend and I loved it and started reading some of his other books.

The Irresistible Revolution- A friend let me borrow this book and I loved it. I need to give it back.

Knuckleheads- Yes, this is a children’s book. My sister sent it to me in Iraq and I cried cause I laughed so hard. If you want a funny book to read pick this one up.

The Millionaire Next Door- I found this book and thought it would be interesting and then a few weeks later my uncle offered to get this book for me. It was very interesting. Most millionaires do not live like they are millionaires hence the reason they probably are.

Three Cups of Tea- I loved this book. Part of it may be because I have been in this area and can picture a lot of what is being talked about. Either way read the book it was amazing.

The Expectant Father- Good book for dads to be.

The Summons- Couldn’t put the book down. This was my second John Grisham book.

The Testament- Same as above.

Well those are the books I read in 2009. I enjoyed them all. Have any of you read some of these books or wanting to add any of them to your list? I do realize that I probably enjoy books that some of you would fall asleep to but there are a few I think everyone would enjoy!

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  1. Since you guys are enjoying John Grisham, you should read "The Painted House". Kind of like "Playing for Pizza" in that it's not his typical crime and lawyer story. It's been quite a while since I read it, but I remember it being a great story about the importance of family.
    -Aunt Diana