Saturday, February 6, 2010

I love this book!

Aunt Elyse & Uncle Stephen got this Bible for H for Christmas. My friend Anna Beth had recommended it to me and it is so fabulous. Every night I can't wait to read it to H before bed. He is still learning to like reading. He is getting better though, he used to cry as soon as I sat down with a book, even when he had previously been perfectly happy. Now he will let me get through a few stories before he starts to cry. I sure hope he likes to read, I know his aunts do too!
Anyhow, this Bible paraphrases the major stories of the Bible and at the end of each story shows how it points to Jesus and God's plan for redemption. The illustrations are amazing and I find myself being impacted through reading these stories to H. I'm hoping he too will grow up to love these stories and see God's redemptive purposes throughout history.

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