Friday, June 17, 2011


I never had the chance to meet Ty, he left the daycare center before we got there... but we sure talk about Ty A LOT. Poor kid really gets a bad rap and nobody even got to meet him. You see, whenever someone in H's class at school spills something, drops food on the floor, or generally makes a big mess, the teacher jokingly says "Uh-oh, who did that? Was it Ty?"

The first time I heard about this I was having lunch with H at school (see emergency room incident) and when one of the kids spilled their milk the teacher asked if Ty did it and all the kids yelled "yeah! Ty!". I noticed a few days later that H kept saying what I thought was "uh-oh, die" when he would drop something, but didn't put two and tow together until dropping H off a few days later and the kids were already eating breakfast. When I set him in his chair his shoe hit the table and knocked his cereal on the floor, H quickly said "uh-oh, Ty!". I looked at the teacher and she laughed and said "Ty didn't do that, he isn't even at the center anymore!" That's when I realized he had been blaming Ty for everything that he spilled.

A month later he still blames Ty when things spill on the floor, but at least now he goes to get the broom and clean up! That Ty sure is a clumsy kid! See for yourself below.

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  1. I can't tell you how many times I have watched this and I love it! It ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. Love you H!