Saturday, June 11, 2011

feely goup

I have Fridays off this summer so H and I are going to be doing some more art projects. Yesterday, we made feely goup. I found the recipe in a book a I got a month ago. The book is and it has some really great ideas!

Feely goup is cool because there are only 2 ingredients and it is super easy to clean up. Not to mention this provided my 1.5 year old with almost an hour of entertainment! For such a short attention span, this stuff is pretty cool! It starts off as a liquid and then hardens into a crumbly, clayish substance. H's favorite part of the liquid stage was putting food coloring in and then stirring it with spoons to watch it change colors. He didn't like to feel it with his hands when it was wet, but once it dried he thought it was pretty cool. I didn't get any pictures of the wet stage because my hands were covered... but here is the dried stuff.

To make your own feely goup all you need is:

2 Cups cornstarch
1 Cup water
optional: food coloring

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