Sunday, January 2, 2011

Growing Up

It has been wonderful to have 2 weeks off work to spend with H... but let me tell you, we are entering a a much more 'challenging' stage of parenting. It is really fun to see him growing up and developing more of a personality, but I guess I thought we had longer before the disobedience and limit testing... adventures in parenting here we come!
In other news, I registered to take the GRE in February. I decided (with some sister
persuasion) that there really is no good time to go back to school and that if it really is what I want then I just have to do it. So, here goes nothing!

H's first meeting with Santa Claus. It went about as well as expected...

My new favorite picture of our little man and all of his 11 teeth!

After several attempts...this was the best Christmas picture we were gonna get.

Playing at Grandma & Grandpa's house!

H looooves to be outside. He goes to the door about 20 times a day and tries to open it - fortunately he can only reach the handle, he can't turn it yet. Happy New Year every one!

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