Monday, January 17, 2011


Here are some Christmas/birthday presents that I'm finally finishing up!

Subway Art for H's room

I made this using the Cricut that husband got me for Christmas! =)

Here is a shirt I made for my friend for Christmas

It was really easy! I cut the sleeves to make 3/4 sleeves and then used the cut sleeves to make the ruffles. You can read about how to make the ruffles here

This was supposed to be H's birthday present... it didn't get finished until after Christmas... he really likes it though! I found this great tutorial and decided H needed a floor cushion. I used a heavy weight knit fabric, which makes it really soft, but it doesn't hold it's shape as well as an upholstery fabric would.

Also in the works, baby shower gifts!! So excited for all of my pregnant pals! And now I have an excuse to practice sewing baby things!!!