Thursday, May 27, 2010

job update

The interview seemed to go really well. It is always kind of hard to tell, I mean most of the time people seem like they like you? It was an interview with 3 people and they all asked me different questions which I fortunately was able to answer while only saying a couple stupid things. The stupidest thing I said was in reference to a question about how I handle stress. I was talking about prayer and how Jesus helps me deal with difficult things. Then I made a comment about 'not losing my mind' ... I'm interviewing with a mental health organization. Woops... I didn't know how to recover from that, so I just quit talking.
The HR department has called me twice to follow up on paperwork and such that needs to be submitted and both times has said that they want to 'get things rolling on me' and 'should be calling me soon'. So, to me all of these things sound positive, but I guess we'll see.
It has been kind of bittersweet these last few days with H. I didn't think I would be going back to work so soon and while I'm excited about that possibility, it makes me sad to think about not getting our play times together and not seeing his big smile when I go pick him up after his naps.
In other news, I decided to learn to sew. I tried once in college and forgot everything I 'learned'. So, I got my machine out of storage and spent an hour this morning figuring out how to thread it and such. Then I tried a few practice stitches and my fabric got sucked down into the bottom...there weren't instructions for that. So, I turned it off and decided to wait until my mom gets home to fix it. My first project is Jeff's father's day present. I'm super excited about it, so hopefully I will get my act together and not break my machine before June 20th gets here.
Well, I'm going to enjoy the rest of H's morning taking one of my own. Soaking up all that remains of stay at home momness. I'll keep you posted about the job.

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