Sunday, April 7, 2013


Things have been more than a little crazy around here the last few months. It has been something like - illness, event, illness, tests/papers, event, illness, event, prepare for oral exam, illness, event, illness, apply for new job, illness, event, 5 WEEKS UNTIL GRADUATION and H and I are both sick right now! I've got a major test and paper waiting to be written right now, but promised my Dad I would put up some pictures! So, the end is near, I have already applied for a job and I'm working on my application for licensure as a psychologist! Whew, it has been a wildly, exhausting ride - but I'm so glad I decided to go back to school and pursue psychology. Hopefully I will be posting this summer that I've been hired as an LSSP-I (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Intern) and can begin my 1200 hours towards licensure. Here are the pics Dad! =) This is the cookie cake H and I made for Jeff's birthday - he worked the ENTIRE day (and several days surrounding it) so we didn't actually get to celebrate his birthday until yesterday (2 weeks later - that is how busy things have been) These pictures are from the Easter egg hunt at Church. H hates taking pictures these days - but loves to make funny faces for the camera! These were our family picture attempts on Easter. I have a feeling this will be as good as it gets for a while! These are pictures from the Easter egg hunt we had at our house. It has been really cool to see H get excited about Easter - not because of a mythical rabbit, but because of Jesus! Explaining the cross to a 3 year old helped me regain a sense of marvel at what Jesus endured and how great God's love is for us even when we seem unlovable. Below is a video of H on Easter singing his favorite Easter song. He loves to sing and it makes my heart so happy to hear him worship and to know that these songs "are worship for God!"

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