Thursday, August 23, 2012

the blur

That has been the month of August so far. I did manage to take a few pictures... and apparently wear the same clothes repeatedly. The first big event of the month was Jake & Mallory's wedding. H was SO excited. I've never seen the kid dance like that before! running from the camera before we even got a decent picture. Luckily Daddy managed to snap this one. The only time we got him to sit down all night was for chocolate covered marshmallows! We also decided to celebrate our 5 year anniversary this month instead of in December because let's face it... this year is going to be crazy until then! We spent a weekend in Fredricksburg, TX and went on a wine tour. It was really a relaxing, romantic and much needed getaway. I'm already looking forward to 5 years from now when we get to do it again! In other exciting August news, I finally finished the quilt for H's big boy bed that I got the idea for when he was like 6 months old. It has been a work in progress since then. I started cutting up his baby clothes to use as the bunting pieces for the front and the back came together this summer. Having never made a quilt like this, this large, making the binding, and with batting and everything I'm really happy with how it turned out. I just started my final year of grad school this week! I'm excited about this semester and eager to dive in. I started my practicum assignment today and am really looking forward to learning about the daily activity and work of psychologists and counselors. I'm working at the University Counseling Center at Texas A&M University and am really grateful they picked me as their 1 intern this semester! Because I am doing my practicum this year I also had to change jobs because I can only work part time now. I am finishing my last week as the case manager at the high school next week and then will be the Communities in Schools of the Coastal Bend resource development coordinator. I'm excited about this new opportunity, but I'm going to miss those kids SO stinkin' much! This month has been full of changes already, but we're excited about and looking forward to this fall for sure!

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