Thursday, August 23, 2012

back to school blackboards

I kind of accidentally made this chalkboard for H the other day and he liked it so much and it was such an easy project I decided to make a cute little back to school blackboard for all of the kids in H's class. All you need for this project is: construction paper, hole punch, yarn, chalkboard paint, and felt. These were all things I had on hand, so it was a super easy and FREE project. All I did was paint the construction paper with a few coats of chalkboard paint and after it dried (I did have to lay books on the edges to keep them from curling) I used the hole punch to make a border. Then I wove yarn around the border and left enough string to tie a bow with a long end from which I could tie a piece of felt that would become the eraser. I used a little snack size zip lock bag to put a few pieces of chalk in for the kids and stapled it to the top of the finished chalkboard. Here's the finished product. The kids were super excited about them and it was a really easy project that even H helped me with!