Sunday, May 6, 2012

update in pictures

The semester is almost over. Instead of finishing the paper that is due tomorrow or the other one due Wednesday, or studying for my comprehensive final on Wednesday - I'm posting pictures!!!! Clearly, the total brain fry and lack of motivation have already set in. I will have made it through my first year of grad school in just 3 days! Praise the Lord! Here's what we've been doing lately (in between studying...which I was at one time actively engaged in) We had a lot of fun over Easter with family. H is an expert egg finder now!
We also went to Austin to celebrate Easter with Jeff's family and it was a lot of fun!
I'm proud to announce that Jeff won the annual skeet shoot this year and is the keeper of the coveted 'champ' trophy that will live on our mantle until next Easter
We spent Earth Day at the downtown "Bay Day" where they brought in some animals from the South Texas wildlife. H loved it, he got to pet an alligator!
This past weekend we went to Rockport with our sunday school class to a beach house and the kids had all kinds of fun. H and Daddy even went on a kayak together, but I didn't have my camera around to get a picture and was standing close by in the event that H decided to stand up or some other funny business. He sure had a great time though and we really enjoyed spending time with our friends!
Okay, denial over. Time to get back to work. We are taking full advantage of my 3 week vacation before summer school starts. We are going to the San Antonio zoo, going to the Texas State Aquarium, hosting an epic barbeque, going to the beach, and spending lots of good family time! P.S. - no test results yet from comps. They will probably come next week - yikes! Praying for some good news!

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  1. is the pinata your "trophy" that will live on your mantle? I sure hope so! H sure looks BIG! So excited to see him in person in just a few short months. Congrats on surviving your first year of grad school -- I'm so proud of you sister!