Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life is a Dance

I was hoping to have time to sit down and tell stories or post pictures of how great our house looks... clearly, we are not there yet. Right now I'm uploading a video I took tonight on youtube while I hurriedly read through my next 2 chapters of statistics and I'm surrounded by boxes in our office that will likely remain untouched this weekend.
So, while I do my crazy zydeco band dance that is my life right now, please enjoy this video of H doing his Mickey Mouse dance for you. You can even kind of see his new room - with nothing hanging on the wall, that stuff is all still in the boxes. Go figure.

H during his bath tonight. He was lining up his letters on the wall and counting "one, two, three" or at least his version of that.

H climbing up Daddy tonight. He kept yelling "ME TOP, ME TOP!" This kid says stuff everyday I didn't even knew he understood. it totally blows my mind and of course I think he is a genius.

Oh, uploads ready! Here he is..

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