Monday, July 19, 2010

Praise the Lord!

Sorry for the posting delay... things have been pretty crazy since I started working.

H started spending the days with his Grandmas - he is doing GREAT! His Grandmas are taking such great care of him!

I spent last week in all sorts of trainings: CPR, First aid, suicide & homicide detection/prevention, Intellectual/developmental delays, Prevention and management of aggressive behaviors, crisis intervention, documentation, deaf/hard of hearing services, a day and a half of computer classes... I can't remember what else.

I've started meeting with clients and visiting shelters and hospitals so it has been nice to get to interact with clients and see more of the community we are working with.

H got 3 teeth in the course of about 5 days - yikes! I think he is still teething and expect to see some more pop through any day now.

We went to San Antonio for a wedding last weekend and got to spend some time with Elyse & Stephen which was sooooo fun!

And I saved the BEST FOR LAST.... Jeff got offered a job today!!! Yay! I am so proud of him and we are both very grateful. He will be working for Cameron in their shop and starts in 2 weeks. Due to the current ban on drilling the hours are pretty out of control right now - like 80 hours a week! So, you can be praying for us as we make that big transition to Jeff being gone and working so much.

I have a ton of pictures and videos that need uploading... but, this is all I've got energy for now. I'll try again later this week!

Yay Jeff! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness and provision for us!


  1. Woo-hoo! I know you guys are excited, nervous, happy, thrilled, and wide-eyed at the journey you've been on. Sooooo glad to hear that jobs have been found! And, Hayden hanging with the Grandmas: What a plus!

  2. We're excited by how your endurance has been answered with faithfulness--and with jobs that seem like great fits for both you and Jeff! (Those long hours shouldn't last forever.)

    But all of that training . . . Is it a good sign about how much you'll retain from your orientation if you can't even remember all of the topics that got covered?!

  3. That's great! I'm glad to hear the news! God is good!

  4. So excited for you guys and our God's faithful provision! Thanks for sharing this news! There is much rejoicing going on over here!! :) Love you three! :)