Monday, July 5, 2010

Playful Day

We took some cute pics of H playing today. He has been really playful lately and it is so fun to watch him have so much fun. I will post a video soon of him laughing hysterically at a ball rolling back and forth. haha!

H in his new big boy shoes! I can't believe how big his feet are! These are 5.5 and they are NOT too big... oh my.

Eating his new favorite snack. They are called Crunchies. They make him smell like cheetos.

Playing in his saucer. He LOVES it so much right now. Thanks Aunt Elyse & Uncle Stephen!

Can you believe how cute these jammies are?

It was a great day with my boys before I start my new job tomorrow. Praying for a smooth transition this week!

1 comment:

  1. Bean and Peanut love those crunchies. One day Bean found the can and opened it. Then, both of the girls ate the entire stinkin' thing at once before I caught them. They INHALED them!

    Adorable shirts on your previous post! I've been wanting to try this.... but don't ruffle your boys' clothes. They'll notice. :)