Friday, January 20, 2012


I got busy over the Christmas break finally sewing some things and tackling projects I purchased supplies for YEARS ago. The project I am the most excited about is tackling the new curtains for the playroom. The curtains in there came with the house and the room used to be a dining room so they were pretty formal looking and not playroomish at all. Here's the before and after:



I wanted a faux roman shade look and got some ideas online and came up with my own pattern. I've never attempted curtains before, but they turned out pretty good!

I bought fabric years ago to make Christmas place mats and I finally got around to that too!

I used a book I got with embroidery stitches and figured out how to applique the little people onto the other side of the place mats. They turned out pretty cute.

I also finally completed one of my pinterest projects I've been wanting to do. I got a basket at the dollar store and got some jute and glued it around the inside and outside of the basket.

So, three projects down, 93 to go!

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