Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!

Sunday is Grandparent's Day and I wanted to take a minute to say how AMAZING Haydn's grandparents are. I mean seriously, this kid is so lucky to have such wonderful, loving, fun, involved grandparents. Jeff & I are so grateful for the ways you love H and the special things each of you do and will do with him.

Grandpa, thank you for always playing with me and letting me cuddle with you! I am always so happy when I see you! I love you.

Agi, thank you for singing to me and letting me jump all over you! You take such good care of me and I love you lots.

Papa Bill & JoJo are the coolest! JoJo, thank you for always thinking of me when you go shopping and for making special time for me. PaPa Bill, thank you for coming to see me and for letting me get you really dirty! I love you both and can't wait to see you again!

Grandma, thank you for always being willing to entertain me and play fun games with me! I love to go to your house and play with all of your toys! You are so special, I love you.

Happy Grandparents Day to the most amazing Grandparents around. You are such a blessing to our family

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  1. Being your Agi is magical, wonderful and delightful! Thank you for being my little piece of golden ray of light!! I love you, Haydn!